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Jobs/Career Opportunities

The Highland Meadows team is comprised of multi-disciplinary clinicians who bring a variety of experience and knowledge to the practice.  We are always open to exploring the possibility of adding new members to our team.  Team members would work as an Independent Contractor setting their own work hours/schedule and case load.  Independent Contractors are reimbursed based on their billable hours and income generated monthly.

Desired team members would:

  • Be fully licensed and 3rd Party reimbursable or be working towards a clinical license
  • Have clinical experience working with children, adolescents and/or adults dealing with a variety of mental health issues
  • Be willing to work independently while supporting the larger clinical team through regular consultation
  • Have knowledge about 3rd party billing or a willingness to learn
  • Training or interest in DBT, play therapy, trauma treatments and family work is a plus
  • Be interested in developing programing and services to enhance the services offered at Highland Meadows

Individuals interested in joining our team should send cover letter and resume to:  

An informal interview will be scheduled to share more about what a career at Highland Meadows looks like and to discuss the skills and desires of the interested party.  Additional interviews may follow if both parties would like to move forward. 


Highland Meadows Counseling Center, INC is proud to support students in gaining clinical skills.  Internships are offered yearly for Masters level students studying social work, counseling, psychology, marriage and family therapy, and related disciplines. 

FAQs About Internships

How long are internships?

Internships are typically 9 months long (full school year) or longer.  We do not typically accept block placements where hours are competed in a shorter time frame.  We find that interns are not able to get the clinical experience in a block placement. 

What do work hours look like?

Interns work with their site supervisor to set their work hours.  Hours are set based on how many hours are required by the school program, work and life commitments of the intern, and when the supervisor is available.  Hours are flexible and can change during the internship to meet the needs of the intern and agency.  For example some interns have worked two full days a week and realized they wanted to sit in on a clinical case or group that didn’t fall on their current work day.  They simply adjusted their work hours to work one full day and two half days. 

What does supervision look like?

Interns are assigned one supervisor for the entire time they are at Highland Meadows.  Typically Sarah Stelzner and Mandy Hyland do all the supervision of the interns.  Interns meet for one hour weekly with their supervisor minimum.  Interns also get group supervision time when they attend weekly agency consultation. 

What do interns get to do?

Interns get the opportunity to work with our highly trained team.  Typically interns begin by learning about the various modalities used, doing readings and online trainings.  Then interns shadow their supervisor, shadow other clinicians in the agency and eventually begin doing co-therapy.  When the supervisor and intern feel ready the intern takes more of a lead during co-therapy sessions and then eventually it is the goal to have interns take on a few cases of their own. Interns will be given the opportunity to participate in group counseling and do intake assessments for the DBT program.

What if I don’t want to work with a modality or population you serve?

Interns are offered opportunities to observe and work on developing skills with all populations and multiple modalities.  While some interns know that a specific population or treatment model is not something they desire to learn more about, we encourage them to have exposure to it even if that is just in case consultation. 

Since you are DBT certified does an intern have to do DBT?

We have our interns participate with the DBT team including DBT consultation and co-facilitating skills group for adults and adolescents. Since interns will be shadowing and working closely with their supervisor we believe it is beneficial to the intern to work closely with the DBT team to understand the whole treatment model.

How many interns do you take?

We can take up to two interns at the same time. If internships are overlapping we may have more than two interns. 

How do I apply?

Interested interns should complete the internship application below:

Send the completed application, resume and cover letter to


For more information on our services please call 507.288.6978 or click below to contact us: